Oh, and, I love contests!

Posted on February 3, 2010


Back in October, I entered in Nathan Bransford’s Stupendously Awesome First Paragraph Contest, and was one of ten finalists out of 2200+ entries *toots horn*. I ended up placing in the top five, which made me super, super happy because:

1) That contest was the first time someone other than my lovely friends and family read any part of my manuscript and said “hey, this sounds interesting in a good way.” And that someone happened to be an incredibly well known, well respected literary agent.

2) Strangers voted for my paragraph. One of those strangers was a published YA author of an awesome book, Shadowed Summer, (*waves to Saundra Mitchell*). Other strangers were YA bloggers whose posts I read every day (*waves to YA Highway ladies*).

And now, there’s another contest I’m entering: literary agent Kathleen Ortiz is going to be slicing and dicing the query letter of 3 lucky contest participants! You can join in the fun here: http://kortizzle.blogspot.com/

Another reason I love contests? Getting my first paragraph ready for Nathan’s contest in October sparked me to take my book in a completely new direction; the direction it should have gone from the beginning. This contest might help do the same for my query.

Carry on.

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