Eight things I loved about New Moon.

Posted on November 20, 2009


So, I did end up seeing it on opening night.

And I liked it.

#8- it was intentionally and genuinely hilarious. Bella essentilly calls Edward a dirty old man in the beginning. ‘Nuff said.

#7- Kristen Stewart adds a dimension to Bella that I find extremely appealing. She doesn’t really come across as helpless or needy, even when she says things like “I need you.” I just saw Adventureland, and I’ve seen Into the Wild, Panic Room, and Speak and she impresses me on many levels. She carried the movie.

#6- the vampire fighting was very cool. Very cool.

#5- the dream sequences were almost universally awesome.

#4- the director made the nomads Laurant and Victoria legitimately creepy this time around. Big fan of the way he shot them.

#3- the scene where we see Edward get the phone call. Wow. Just…wow. I wasn’t expecting it and I really hope there are more scenes that will end up on the DVD. That might just be my favorite part.

#2- the ending. They cut it in the right place.

#1- the Remember Me trailer. It looks amazing, and it was mostly filmed at NYU, my alma mater. WIN.

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