I love Stephen King.

Posted on November 10, 2009


He gave us Carrie, The Shining, and The Stand. Misery, Pet Cemetery, and Cujo. And the book/movie that still scares the whoopass out of me, IT.

The first Stephen King book I ever read was The Tommyknockers, which, at the time, disturbed me not because of the creepy subject matter but the frank description of menstruation (I was in 5th grade, ’nuff said). But I loved horror books, having grown up on R.L. Stine (gosh, Fear Street was awesome) and except for IT (dear lord there is nothing more terrifying than a scary clown, NOTHING), I adored the sensation of being abjectly terrified; it was thrilling and wonderful.

Stephen King’s new novel UNDER THE DOME just hit shelves, and I am so psyched to read it. I’ve got 22 YA books sitting on my shelf that I need to make my way through first (because reading in your genre should be a priority, fellow writers!), and then Lev Grossman‘s THE MAGIGIANS which I’ve been dying to read since August, but after that, it’s Stephen King. Michael Grant’s GONE and HUNGER have a similar plot point (the dome that cuts the kids off from the rest of the world) and getting to read an adult take on this ignites the squee.

As wonderful as I’m sure UNDER THE DOME will be, I’m not sure it will knock DREAMCATCHER out for my top favorite Stephen King novel.

“Wait, what?!” you say. “DREAMCATCHER?! That’s your favorite? Not Dolores Claiborne, The Stand, or Needful Things? Not The Shining?! What is wrong with you?”

What’s wrong with me is that I find parasitic aliens delightful. DELIGHTFUL! They spread like a disease, and in the book and movie, they’re called sh*tweasels. That right there, ladies and gents, is WIN.*

What about you folks? Do you love Stephen King? If so, what’s your favorite book or movie? Or do you loathe him? Speak up!

*I am very, very odd. If you did not know this by now, well…you’re learning, aren’t you?

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