10 Reasons why I love SHIVER, by Maggie Stiefvater

Posted on November 5, 2009


In honor of the unveiling of the first paragraph and cover for LINGER, the second book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series by the incomparable Ms. Stiefvater, here are my reasons why SHIVER will knock your toasty warm socks off. Go buy it today.

1) Grace, the female main character, is the mistress of her own fate. She makes her own choices. She is never weak or stupid. More please.

2) Sam, you’re a hottie. IDK about the yellow eyes, that reminds me of the cover of Laurie Halse Anderson’s FEVER 1793 a little bit, and I don’t understand why so many male main characters in YA (Jace/Edward/Sam) have tawny/golden/liquid topaz/amber/yellow eyes in the first place, but I can look past this because of the rest of you. That Owen Wilson nose? Thumbs UP.

3) Page 71 made me laugh out loud. When an author can make me cackle (on purpose), especially in the middle of an otherwise tense scene, I’m sold.

4) I really appreciated how flawlessly the author wove the paranormal complication into what would otherwise be a contemporary romance. Well played.

5) It was page turning in the best way. There were no gratuitous plot devices thrown in for action; the ticking clock drove it. Stiefvater for the win.

6) Sam’s a good guy. I tend to love bad boys in literature, so the fact that Sam won me over was huge. He works because even though he’s good, he isn’t perfect and says some really stupid things (well, mainly one really stupid thing, I totes wanted to punch you for it too, Sam!), but you get why. And he’s easy to forgive.

7) It’s so well written. SO well written. No unfortunate lines or sentences come to mind, not a one.

8) Flaws aside, Grace’s parents were actual people. From the YA I’ve read (and as a writer), I know this can be hard to execute well. Stiefvater does it.

9) It made me cry, just like it made me laugh. Huge bonus points for getting me to do both.

10) The ending. The ending the ending the ending the ending the ending the ending.

What are ya’ll feelin’ today? A good book? Bourbon?

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