I love my friends. And Christopher Walken.

Posted on November 2, 2009


It’s one of those warm fuzzy days, guys. You’ve been forewarned.

How many of you have friends you’ve stayed in touch with since high school? College? Graduate school? What about new friends you’ve made in the last three years?

Of those friends, how many of them help you when you ask them for favors? How many of them shoot you an email or pop up in a chat when you post good tidings on your facebook page?

Well, I’m lucky. I’m really freakin’ lucky, and I know it. When I make a generic plea for help on Facebook like, say, asking what a straight vodka shot tastes like at 1:30am on a Monday morning, my friends answer. Not only do they answer, they perform the experiment (verdict: it BURNS).

When I need help designing a website? Enter graphic designer buds Jessica and Elisabeth, who answer emails until the wee hours of the morning (seeing a pattern?) and send .jpg after .jpg of images until we find the one that’s just right. See Jessica’s awesome work on my author site, – Mara Dyer is (unbe)comingsoon and ICANTWAITTHEMOCKUPSLOOKSOAWESOME!

And when I need to be cheered up or someone to snark with or photographs that don’t make me look like a Descent crawler? Bridget. Bridiget’s artistic talents are legion; her photography has been published *everywhere* and she also makes the cutest effin dog collars in the world. And her house was on HGTV because she has great taste in design, like everything else. Her Mara Dyer shots are arriving this week and ICANTWAITTHEYAREGOINGTOBEAWESOME!

And then there are my reader friends- who were friends first before they were readers, but dude, Janet Reid said aim to keep your posts to 250 words and if I get into your myriad amazingness I will have written a new novel. Anyway, you are spectacular. From Stephanie, a combination BFF and sister-I-never-had, to Becca, my plot goddess, Christi, and Emily who have seen my rough slush (remember that bathroom scene? OMG) and encouraged me to keep going anyway, and all of my 20+ other readers like Natan, EmilyT, and Mary…I am astounded when I think about how much time you spend helping me. You not only read my stuff, but comment with exquisite detail. I know how hard critiquing is, but you all are guilt-tripped choose to spend some of your free time doing it for me. That’s amazing. And with every “hell no/chopchop/really?!really????!” you turn me into a better writer.

So thanks guys. Christopher Walken has a message for ya.

Who do you love today?

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