Today I Loathe: schnitzel, the word cathartic

Posted on October 28, 2009


I hate both of these things very much.

1) The word “cathartic” sounds like catheter, first of all. Catheters are no fun. So how can catharsis be much better? Seriously, the word comes from ancient Greek and means “to purify, purge.” A beloved family member likes to tell me that (s)he hopes my writing is cathartic. Yes, I write YA. No, I didn’t like high school. But I don’t write to purge my demons. I reserve all purging for my weekly exorcism. I write because it’s fun and I crack myself up.

2) Schnitzel. How do I loathe thee. You are the lowest form of food, dry and bready and crumbly all over. Where is your juice? Your flavor? My hatred of you is self-explanatory given this picture.

What do you loathe today?

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